About Custom Radiator

Cooling and Heating specialist for over 40 years, we have expanded our inventory and workshop area and invite you to visit us whenever you can. We specialize in industrial and commercial recores and re-builds.

Radiators and Condensers
A/C Compressors (no remans)
Fuel tanks and sending units
Truck Complete radiators IN STOCK
Agricultural units IN STOCK
Re-cores (size no object) - 48 hour turnaround
Metal fuel tanks relined and rebuilt
Charge air cooler and oil cooler repair and recoring service
Cooling fan assemblies
Heat exchangers
Retubing and cleaning of shell and tube type coolers

Authorized Distributors-Performance, Northern, Valeo, A C Delco, Maine Cores, BEHR, Spectra Premium, A&I Products, Keystone, Thermal Solutions, US Radiator, Ranshu