Sales and Service

Don’t let the name “Custom Radiator Sales” fool you. We also sell fuel tanks and straps, sending units and fuel modules, A/C condensers, compressors and refrigerant, industrial oil coolers and heat exchangers.

The “service” part of our name is for the many services that we perform. We clean, repair, rebuild and reline metal fuel tanks (ones that can’t be replaced). We offer charge air cooler and oil cooler recoring service (from cat generators to ATV’s and beyond)  We also specialize in the cleaning and testing of EGR valves and intake manifolds.

Sure we handle big stuff! We test them, clean them, recore or repair them. And we sell, repair clean and test smaller ones – domestic, foreign, light and medium duty trucks and vans. We still offer pick up and delivery for our business customers.



Cooling and Heating specialist for over 30 years, we have expanded our inventory and workshop area and invite you to visit us whenever you can. We specialize in industrial and commercial recores and re-builds.

Radiators and Condensers, A/C Compressors (no remans) fuel tanks and sending units, truck complete radiators  and charge air coolers IN STOCK
Agricultural units IN STOCK
Re-cores (size no object)
Fuel Tank relines
Charge air coolers
Cooling Fan Assemblies
Heat exchangers

Remember our motto – “No Job Is Too Big or Too Small”